Efforts to Limit Medical Malpractice Lawyers from Getting Justice for Their Clients are Misguided

Responding to a recent push by some members of Congress to cap the amount of damages medical malpractice lawyers can obtain for their clients, this article by the New York Times notes that the focus should be on hospital safety first.

According to the article, a study conducted by the American Journal for Health Economics found that the hospitals that rated poorly for quality and safety were the hospitals that had the most medical malpractice lawsuits filed against them.

The article also notes another study that indicates that the medical malpractice system is working reasonably well. The study shows that most medical malpractice lawyers who bring a lawsuit without any errors or injuries do not receive compensation for their clients, while most lawsuits involving errors did result in compensation. 

Often, people seek medical malpractice lawyers after they have suffered severe injuries that drastically change their lives. These victims, like everyone else, should have the right to have a jury decide the proper compensation for their pain and suffering without any interference or arbitrary cap from Congress.

Read more of the New York Times article here.

Read more about the bills Congress is attempting to pass here.

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