We offer legal services tailored for small businesses. Whether you are forming a business entity, buying or selling a business, drafting contracts, or commercial leasing, we are here to offer trusted, practical advice based upon years of experience providing legal guidance to entrepreneur and business owners like yourself at a reasonable cost.


Business Formation

It takes more than just a great idea to start and maintain a successful business. Without the proper formation of your company, you risk the failure of your business and the loss of your personal assets before you have even opened your doors. There are many different options for business entities that all have their own positive attributes depending on the nature of your new enterprise. These include Limited Liability Corporations, Partnerships, and the various types of Corporations that can be formed. A properly formed business entity can ensure that you do not risk your personal assets and that the relationship among you and your business partners is clearly defined.

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Contract Disputes

If you have ever owned or managed a business of any size, than you probably know that breaches of contracts among the people you deal with are an unfortunate and common part of life. We represent companies and individuals in a wide variety of disputes, including failure to perform contract obligations, non-payment for goods and services, delays in deliveries, failure to deliver products in accordance with the agreed upon specifications and many more. We understand the value of negotiation and will always focus on your bottom line, but we are skilled litigators who will pursue your claim aggressively through the Court if that is the best path.

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